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New ABF Extinguisher ideal for home fire protection

A new generation of ABF Foam extinguisher is now available from Fire and Safety Centre that is fire rated at 25F for Class F cooking oils and fats and is also rated for Class A solid combustibles and Class B liquid hydrocarbons. The new formulation is also safe to use on fires involving live electrical current

Choosing an appropriate fire extinguisher for the home has always presented a problem. ABC dry powder extinguishers have been the most popular in recent years as there is no doubt they are versatile, being effective on solid combustibles, flammable hydrocarbons and gases.

The problem arises when you consider the most likely sources of fire in the home where the statistics show chip pans and deep fat fryers to be up there with electrical faults as a principal cause. Conversely the incidence of fire in the home involving flammable liquids and gases is a rarer occurrence.

ABC Dry Powders, along with AFFF, CO2 and Water based fire extinguishers are not an effective fire suppressant for cooking oils and fats and can be dangerous if used in this application. Class F wet chemical extinguishers are specific to this risk but as they lack versatility it is necessary to double up with a Water Additive, Foam or Powder to provide a safeguard against the AB risks.

The Synergy Foam ABF fire extinguisher has applications in homes, kitchens and canteens, boats, caravans and catering outlets.

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